About us

    The idea for the World’s First Music Stock Market was born in 2013 when CEO and founder Garrett Stiles O’Beirne came up with the idea to get music enthusiasts like himself more involved in the discovery and distribution of digital music. Spurred on by the encouragement of friends and family, Garrett with the help of his brother Andrew created a business process called Streaming Stax Technologies and Markets (SSTM, Inc.)

    With a patent, trademark and a dream the SongStax website was developed. Once a prototype brought the attention of Launch NY and Syracuse Tech Garden, a Start-Up and Technology hub, the music stock market became a reality. With the talents of Tango Squared web development and design Songstax was finally launched in the summer of 2016 for artists and for users on August 1st, 2017.

    With ties to Long Island and Syracuse NY, CEO Garrett O’Beirne keeps his attention on new artists, promoting great music and keeping Songstax user/investors excited about the music scene. Investing in songs on Songstax means being a part of the discovery, promotion and profits of today’s talented musicians and the music they make.

    SongStax is dedicated to anyone who has ever had a dream, and all of the young people who unfortunately never got the opportunity to live out all of their dreams. RIP Joseph "J-Ross" Rosenberg, Sean DeMerchant, Anthony Grilli, Liam Olsen , Ghardy Gustanvil, Gianna Marie Mason, and Kirk Buchelli.